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About Rob

Rob Harris, CEO of Your Financial Friend is a financial educator, teacher, mentor and friend. His passion is to empower each and every person he can, with the tools, information and skills to own their money, investments, pensions and financial future for themselves.

Rob gave financial advice professionally for over 30 years. His clients confirm again and again how delighted they have been that their savings and investments have held up so well with his advice. Most recently one client retired with profuse thanks saying that his ability to do so early was down to the financial advice he took from Rob across the recent financially troubled years.

Rob says “Since the turn of the millennium, we have seen the most volatile and risk strewn pattern of financial events that have rocked our sense of trust and confidence. They’ve left many not knowing what to do with their savings. They left many wondering whether to trust anything or anyone with their money, pension funds or portfolios. They left many with the ground pulled from under their feet.

“That’s why, I decided to step out from all this, disassociate myself from the financial services world and become an educator, teacher, and mentor. I love sharing my knowledge and inviting you to draw on my experience. Clients have told me over the years that I missed my vocation! They’ve said I should have been a teacher. I love it as light dawns on a client’s face when my explanation of things financial make sense for the first time! I call them eureka moments with money!

“Against all this upheaval and uncertainty how come my clients are relieved? How come they are settled and getting on with their lives relatively unruffled by all these events? At its core, the reason is just common sense with money, mixed with the experience, knowledge and courage to be different when needed that I have taught them.”

So, if it is common sense with money you need to start taking control of your own finances, then you have found the right place. All you need is the experience and the knowledge go with it. Common sense you will already have! Rob Harris can teach you the knowledge you’ll need and help you with his vast experience.

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