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Wow! What a difference this would make

Suppose you had a good friend you trusted who really understood the world of money, investments, Pensions, Isa’s , the stockmarket and who was willing to share their knowledge and be a helping hand to give you the confidence to invest for yourself and make your money work for you?

Meeting that friend is what this website is all about.  Meet Rob Harris.  Click the link to our free video taster sessions and you will meet him there and start your learning right now!

Watch the taster session now Find out how you can benefit
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“Well I’m really surprised –  Rob's trial session with me explained so much and I understood it. It wasn’t over my head! Yes I want to do the rest of the Course please! Rob Harris,  if only I’d known all this years ago!”

Mrs. B W Hertfordshire

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Not a Financial Adviser but a Financial Friend, Educator Independent and unbiased.

No one, but no one is as interested in your money as you and it’s a great feeling when you understand and take control of your money to make it provide what you want the way you want it. Take control with the confidence of your new Financial Friend alongside all the while hand in hand guiding and guarding with his years of knowledge and real-time experience alongside you. 

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Hi I'm Rob!

"I would definitely recommend Rob. He was easy to understand and really opened our eyes to things we needed to know. Our new knowledge changed the direction we were thinking of taking and saved unnecessary costs. Rob! Everyone should do your course with you!"

Mr and Mrs C Cambridgeshire

Rob in action

How you can benefit

We have designed Low Cost entry learning packages right through to top-line Executive 1 2 1 programmes and everything in between to suit your budget, tailor-made for who you are, what you need and what you want to achieve. Here they are:

Low cost entry.

The Confidence Builder.  Learn the basics little by little. Find out more on the 'How you can benefit' page.

The Educator.  Keep up to date with what you need to know to protect and profit from your money  Find out more on the 'How you can benefit' page.

The Informer.  Gain from Rob’s commentary, insights, intuition and knowledge to see how to increase your profitability in all circumstances. Find out more on the 'How you can benefit' page.

One to One Tuition

The Comprehensive Money Awareness Course.  Includes  The Confidence Builder, The Educator,  PLUS one to one tuition with Rob and ongoing Financial Friend Support.  Find out more on the '1-2-1 tutoring' page.

The Premier Money Awareness Course.   Includes  The Confidence Builder, The Educator and The Informer PLUS  one to one tuition with Rob and proactive ongoing Financial Friend Support with a guarantee to get you into profit. Find out more on the '1-2-1 tutoring' page.

The Executive Money Active Course.     All the benefits of the Premier Course 1 2 1 with Rob Harris and our skilled Stockbroker/IFA and Global Economist.  Trust and tax specialist where appropriate. For those with serious money or those with serious intent for deeper knowledge.  Create your estate.  Guard and protect your estate.  Find out more on the '1-2-1 tutoring' page.

Watch the taster session now Find out how you can benefit
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