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The Money Awareness Course

rob_trainingThe Money Awareness Course will make a positive difference to your financial future. The course helps you if you have money invested in ISAs, general savings or pension funds or just in the bank on deposit. The Course will also help you begin to accumulate money through regular savings even if you have little to play with now.

The Money Awareness Course can be delivered in several ways. Your Financial Friend tailors the delivery to make it right for you. Rob can teach the course on a personal 1-2-1 basis just with you or with you and your partner as well as to small groups of friends and colleagues.

The Course shows you how to invest in the stock market. It shows you how you can ensure over time your money grows in a number of different ways. Students of this course over a recent two year period have seen some of their investments grow by up to 28%! Even some funds at the lower end have been providing returns over 6%.

You will learn, whilst investments can fall as well as rise in value, there are ways you can control the risk and even turn risk into profit through knowledge and understanding. You’ll learn how to use different kinds of investments to put a plan together thats right for you.

The Money Awareness Course consists of three sessions and ongoing support. The support provided includes investment monitoring, alerts, commentary and the Hotline to Harris phone appointment service.

Your Financial Friend Rob Harris makes the course available at modest cost and split over the first twelve months. This provides the opportunity to implement the knowledge so that over time the course fees will become an investment which turn to profit for you.


Session One Click to view

Session One covers how to get a better return from your ordinary bank or building society savings and deposits. You’ll learn how to maximise the return on your cash and to build a strategy to do so. It also shows you how you can invest your money by lending it to obtain an income at the same time as having the potential for your capital to grow. You will learn how to make every penny you invest produce an income and grow in value as well.

You’ll learn about lending money to the UK Government, other Governments and large and small companies across the world and how to have that process managed for you. You will learn how to link your savings and investment to grow with the rising rate of inflation.

You’ll learn how today’s world of money is very uncertain. You'll understand simple strategies that will help protect your money, ISA's, Pensions to grow even when the Stockmarket falls. You’ll learn to consider whether the normal textbook principles of investing money still applies or whether alternative thinking is needed to safeguard your money to make it grow.


Session Two Click to view

Session Two covers how you can save and invest your pension funds, ISAs and general savings into property. Through the stock market, you can invest in shops, offices and factories. This means your investments will attract a rental income into your investment funds with the potential for your savings to grow at the same time.

You’ll learn you do not need to buy a house or a property to get returns from this kind of investment. The stock market can do it for you. During this session you will also learn that you can spread your investments across different types of plans each of which has its own tax benefits or advantage.

You will learn how to use the tax allowances that you might not even be aware of now. This part of the course also helps you to understand what you need to know to be able to choose a good Financial Adviser if you need one. Choosing the right Financial Adviser is critical to your financial wellbeing and future. So how do you choose one?


Session Three Click to view

Session Three will show you how you can reduce the risk of investing in companies’ shares by using Unit Trust Funds and other strategies. You learn what it means to become a part owner of businesses by owning shares in companies that providing products and services across the world.

History has shown that over the longer term this can really make your money grow and also provide a rising income payable to you. Session Three covers the costs of investing as a DIY investor or investing through Financial Advisers. The course will show you how to minimise the cost of investing.

You will also learn how to open up your own personal investment account and begin to actually make investments that you decide upon yourself.

As the course ends you will be able to make up your mind whether you want to be a DIY Investor or whether it will be better for you to have properly qualified, Independent Financial Advice. Knowledge about the financial advice market is critical and is needed first – your financial future may depend on it.

Whether you become a DIY Investor or work with a Financial Adviser the course continues to support you into the future by providing investment monitoring, alerts, commentary and the Hotline to Harris phone appointment service. Your Financial Friend can stay with you as little as much as you need him.

As the course ends you will have the knowledge to become an active investor or to work actively with your chosen Financial Adviser. It means you really do stay in control and do not give away the power of your security to another person. After all, no one is as interested in your money as you are.


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