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The Forest Fund Concept

As I write these words - COP26 has just ended. Coal, Cash, Cars and Trees emerged as the key factors in focus to enable our planet to survive. 

The Forest Fund Concept enables you to place some of your savings into active investments. Such investments over time can enable your savings to be preserved whilst building up profits.

We arrange with you for profits to be encashed each time the opportunity arises. Your profits are employed in planting trees. The plan is designed for your money to plant trees for the rest of your life.

Here is an example:

If you have savings in the bank or other investments,  you could move a small portion to facilitate the Forest Fund Concept. History suggests that your investment could make profits of 5% once or perhaps twice a year. 

Somebody segmenting £5000 of their funds towards this concept could be planting trees for the rest of their lives. Profits of 5% are achieved would provide £250.00 for you to plant trees every time this occurred.

History also shows that over time it is likely your original capital could be preserved and available for you to withdraw in the future.

Simply arrange a 1-2-1 Zoom call, with me Rob Harris. Let's see how this could work with you and the planet.







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